Is NIPT right for me?

NIPT is an excellent option to learn more about the genetic health of your pregnancy.

NIPT may be right for you if:

  • You want more information about whether a genetic condition is present in your pregnancy

  • You are concerned about a genetic condition in your baby

  • You are unsure if you want invasive diagnostic testing (like amniocentesis or CVS)

  • You want the most accurate prenatal aneuploidy screening test for chromosomal conditions

  • Your doctor has recommended it for you

  • Talk to your doctor to learn more about whether NIPT is right for you.

Get ready for your next appointment

As you prepare for your next doctor's visit, you may want to think about whether:

You understand the health benefits and risks of each screening option

You are clear about which benefits, risks, and limitations matter

Questions to help you talk to your doctor

  1. Does a screening test like NIPT help avoid a diagnostic procedure that may increase my risk for pregnancy loss?

  2. How does NIPT compare with other screening tests if I want as much information as possible about the possibility of my baby having a genetic condition?

  3. What are my options if I find out during my pregnancy that my baby has a genetic condition?

  4. Will NIPT help me avoid a “positive” result if my pregnancy does not have a chromosomal condition?

  5. Will NIPT help me avoid receiving a “negative” result if my pregnancy does have a chromosomal condition?

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